The Many Health Benefits of Square Dancing

It’s part of the Grand Square International, Inc.,  mission: a healthier you, through square dancing.
Dance is always good for the body, mind and soul. Square Dancing in particular offers the best of social and health benefits leading to a happier, longer lifetime.
Here are just a few pluses to be considered:
Square dancing helps in many obvious ways to stimulate circulation, increase heart rate to a beneficial level and improves muscle and joint function as well. It also increase motor skills—even helps rejuvenate to youthful levels. If you’re a youngster, it helps with hand-eye coordination and special development.
Square dancing helps to improve mental function as a learning process, presents challenges and growth and increase brain function.
Square dancing is a wonderful social event, which welcomes all. Any age, social status or background. Here you’ll fit in just fine and meet others who will compliment your social life while at the dance and possibly outside of the activity. Who know? You many meet a spouse or a life-long friend.
We think almost anyone will enjoy square dancing—so bring a few friends next time and let’s square up for health!