Sequoia Stampede and Volunteering

Jet… et al,

Since retirement, we have often found ourselves waving hands high into the sky declaring, “we’ll help, what do you need???” Well, our naivety soon led us into a working world of volunteerism. We would ask each other, “hey, what happened to retirement?” Where have the golf clubs and snow skis gone? What about all those yet to board cruises to far away shores littered with bikini clad hotties? What about lazing with a book in one hand and a fishing pole in the other? HEY! Where have all these “golden age” things gone? Volunteering isn’t on the cover of AARP magazine…yawning is!

So…after finding ourselves plugged into all sorts of service organizations and waving our hands so very high, Ade offered a few suggestions to avoid responsibilities. She said, “the next time we attend a meeting and they ask for volunteers…sit on your hands.” “Keep them tucked deep beneath your ass, warm and away from peering eyes…do not bring them up for anything.” “Sit on them, surely someone else will feel guilty and uneasy…causing them to wave the hand of help.” Thanks to Ade’s suggestion, avoidance has become a bit of a virtue for us.

However, it is now apparent that a few flaws existed within her plan. The main item overlooked was “the chair.” In order to sit on one’s hands, a chair must exist between the butt and the hand [s]. Also, most meetings take place in a room littered with things to sit on. So, with this being said, truly it was not fair to have your solicitation meeting while all of us were in the vertical position. No chairs! Just asphalt three feet beneath my butt, far too great a distance to incorporate the nonchalant look-away. Like roaches and rats surprised by the flash of flood lights, we had no where to run from the begging puppy dog eyes of Mr. and Mrs. Roberts.

We have gracefully accepted the challenge and look forward to another fun filled adventure in Tulare. Last weekend was great; wonderful dancing to exceptionally talented staff (Sequoia Stampede) in an environment wrapped with laughter and smiles. Let’s do it again!!!

Jim and Adrienne (Ade) Knosp
La Grange, Ca. 95329