A Special THANK YOU To Our Lifetime Members

We at Grand Square International would like to say THANK YOU to our Lifetime Members.

Square Dancing brings a magical element to all of our lives. When we square up, we feel life’s problems twirl away and the wonder of youth—sheer happiness, fellowship, the kindness of strangers, the charm of new friends take over like a summer breeze. It’s hard to know what this feels like unless you dance. And once you do, friend, you’re hooked for life.

It’s not always easy to find the time to dance again. And with that said, we offer our THANKS to all who we’ve met over the years and who make square dancing possible in this day and age.


To those talented and charismatic who study calling as a lifetime endeavor. Practicing, studying, teaching, traveling and bringing their very best to the dance every night: THANK YOU.


To those creative and outgoing folks who tirelessly plan and plan and plan some more so that we may attend the most wonderful dances here and afar: THANK YOU.


To the people who come early and help set-up, and still stay late and help clean up. These same folks show-up at a moments notice and do anything that is asked of them to keep our activity strong and to all of you: THANK YOU.

And then…we here at Grand Square International are honored, blessed and able to keep pushing forward each and every day because of the 100% committed: The Grand Square International LIFETIME MEMBERS.


To you few, who faithfully support square dancing. Give in perpetuity to keep the flame alive and allow ALL OF US to enjoy the comfort and security of knowing that after 300 years, our activity will remain strong and have the financial and moral support in place to fuel the creative, inspire the talented and allow us all to look forward to the next great dance. And to you in this very special family—THANK YOU for being a LIFETIME MEMBER—a select group of those who insure that history will repeat itself for generations who will dance and dance and dance until their hearts desire.


Bless you all,

Your Friends at Grand Square International, Inc.