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By host on 5/2/2018 5:35 PM
by Jim Mayo, Hampstead, NH Since our activity reached its peak of popularity more than 30 years ago we have moved away from what made us so popular. In 1980 New England had more than 450 clubs. Today the EDSARDA Directory lists about 30. Clearly we are doing something wrong. Many have blamed the decline on social change and that may account for some – and maybe a lot – of it. But, I would like to suggest also that we have changed our activity in ways that make us less appealing than when we were so popular.

It took me a long time to realize and accept that choreography was not the most appealing thing about modern square dancing. I did, however, finally come to understand that sociability and friendship were even more important in the success of a club than the caller. If you talk with nearly any long-time dancer today they will almost certainly tell you that most of their friends are dancers. They can probably tell you what club they started with and most will tell you when they served as an officer...
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